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RFB Horsebow


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Authentic style Horse Bow inspired from the famed archers of Genghis Khan. This bow is made from shaped fiberglass and has real wood tips with a traditional horse bow nock. Easily Strung this bow has a draw strength of 24-26lbs at 28 inches its real leather grip and hand crafted string make this bow essential for any true Larp archer. Ideal for any larp archer!

This product is intended only for recreational use by individuals over the age of 10. Adult supervision is required to operate any bow. Never shoot at people or animals. Keep both bow parts and arrows away from the eyes. This product contains a flexible fiberglass core which should not be used if damaged or broken. Do not try to self-repair the bow, discard if signs of stress appear. Do not leave in the sun or near a source of heat. Do not shoot damaged arrows, especially in case of damaged tips or shafts.


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