MTG Booster Draft Feb 8th 2020


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Limited space means limited tickets!
4pm at the LARP Box store: 7 Depot St. South Grafton, MA
LARP Box’s first MTG Booster draft is with the new set “Theros Beyond Death”
8 slots, $20 per person.
Official Rules for Booster Draft:
House Rules for Booster Draft
-At the end of the tournament all rare/mythic cards are returned to counter. 1st Place player gets to pick 3 cards from the rares, 2nd place 2, 3rd place 1, and subsequent players pick 1 in order of placement. After the first cycle each player picks 1 card in order of placement until all rares are gone.
Apart from first pick of rare cards, winner gets 3 booster packs, 2nd place 2, 3rd place 1. Every player gets the cards they drafted (minus rares, see above).
All players vote one player to give best sportsmanship prize, that player gets an additional booster pack.


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