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Elven Buckler (Used)


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Used, in good condition. (images are from a new shield, the used one looks nearly identical)


This best selling Epic Armoury Elven Buckler is a small leather covered shield worn around the wearer’s arm, inspired by a naturalistic elven society. The buckler is elongated with rounded corners, covered with overlapping vegetable-tanned leather. Featuring a sturdy leather brace to strap your arm securely against the underside, feel confident that this hard EVA foam and leather shield will withstand the continued abuse of a LARP with regular leather maintenance.

The buckler goes well with Epic Armoury’s Elven range of products, especially the Elven Blade – 110 cm. However, its naturalistic design can be used by a wide range of characters. With its unique detailing and natural look, make this Elven Buckler a central piece when crafting your character’s kit.


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