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Legendary LARP Box is the premiere subscription gift box for Live Action Roleplayers. Every month we’ll send you a selection of carefully curated items that all fit around a central monthly theme. To get an idea of what’s in a Legendary box you can check out this video: https://goo.gl/kqo7aj

Products are different every month and do not always include items in the standard LARP Box. If the standard LARP Box includes a t-shirt then the Legendary Box will also include one. 

Subscriptions purchased this month are scheduled to ship at or near the end of next month. Subscription purchase and cancelation deadline is the last day of the month of purchase. Multi-month subscriptions canceled after the end of the purchase month will not be refund for that month. For more information about cancellations, see our policy section. Holidays may delay shipping.

Shirt size (in mens US size). Sometimes certain Legendary Box clothing items may not be available in your size, we will do our best to accommodate and we will send you an item in the closest available size.

Size Length/Width
Men’s sizes:
Small (28in/18in) Medium(29in/20in) Large (30in/22in) XL(31in/24in) 2XL(33in/26in) 3XL(34/28)

Women’s Sizes
F-Small (25in/18in) F-Medium (26in/20in) F-Large(27.5in/22in) F-XL(29in/24in) F-2XL(30in/26in) F-3XL(31in/28in)

Head size (sizes based on Epic Armoury Unlimited’s helmet sizes, visit their website for more detail). Sometimes there may not be headgear in your size, we will send you the closest available size.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 6 x 6 in
Shirt Size

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Head Size

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