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Want some awesome LARP Box exclusive t-shirts so you can express yourself and your favorite hobby? With a subscription to LARP Shirts you can can get a new shirt every month that is the same as in our LARP Boxes.

Subscriptions purchased this month will begin next month, all boxes are shipped on or near the 25th of the month. Subscription purchase and cancelation deadline is the 25th of the month. Subscriptions started after the 25th of the month will receive the box sold in the next billing cycle. Subscriptions canceled after the 25th will not be refund for that month. For more information about cancellations, see our policy section

Shirt size. Sometimes certain Legendary Box clothing items may not be available in your size, we will do our best to accommodate and we will send you an item in the closest available size. Extended sizes of 2XL and 3XL have an additional charge of $2 and $3 respectively.

Size Length/Width
Men’s sizes:
Small (28in/18in) Medium(29in/20in) Large (30in/22in) XL(31in/24in) 2XL(33in/26in) 3XL(34/28)

Women’s Sizes
F-Small (25in/18in) F-Medium (26in/20in) F-Large(27.5in/22in) F-XL(29in/24in) F-2XL(30in/26in) F-3XL(31in/28in)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 7 x 1 in
Shirt Size

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