Business Inquiries

Are you a Business Owner? LARP Owner? Artist?

Do you want a unique and exciting way to advertise and connect with the LARP Community?

Business owners:

We offer advertising deals in our boxes and can negotiate the price based on what you have to contribute to the box. You can include coupons and fliers for a small fee, or your can provide content for the boxes and advertise for free! We are also interested in a small number of wholesale deals with businesses; these are highly competitive.
Items we are always interested in:

  • Shirts

  • Books

  • DIY kits

  • Toys

  • Crafts

  • Licensed Merchandise

  • Stationery

  • Tools


We Are always in need of talented artists to help us created the printed content that will go in our boxes.We will hire freelance work for:

  • Shirts

  • Books

  • Posters

  • Fliers

  • Stickers

We are also interested in working with artists who own Etsy stores or similar online art stores. We know you need a longer time to provide a few hundred items and we are willing to work with you on commissions.


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