Welcome to the LARP Box Blog!

Welcome to the LARP Box Blog!

We’re going to be exploring some of what makes LARP great, what can make it better, and some of the issues that permeate our hobby. We’ll be talking about game design, costuming, set design, weapons and combat, gender, inclusivity,  and accessibility,. We’re going to have a wide variety of writers from both inside and outside the LARP Box team.

LARP as a hobby is coming to a turning point. Games are now being forced to deal with some tough issues in order to keep up with the times. I love LARP and I want to see it grow. And with all things that we love, we have to sometimes take a step back and look at them critically and look at some of the issues that can be fixed. It’s important to understand that we can both really enjoy something while also acknowledge some of its flaws.

Lets make LARP Better together!

-Bart Brizee
Owner, LARP Box

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